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About me...

Hi, I'm Dean!

I'm a photographer with a passion for People and Landscapes. In my spare time you can find me travelling the UK discovering unique shots and projects including:


  •  Landscapes

  • Weddings

  • Family events

  • People / portraits

  • Drone work and areal photos / videos

  • business events, product shoots

  • historic areas

  • automotiveaeronautical, nautical (Anything with wings, wheels or sails!)

  • Food photography - I love food !

If you would like to know more, or enquire about booking or availability then please get in touch using the 'Get in touch' section at the top or bottom of this page,​



memories for the


Facing the nerves
JUX 435D
Applecross Bay
Snowdon from the top
Heather in Llangollen
Wedding 1
Sunrise on Leader
Dartmoor Ponies
Applecross peninsula
Wedding 2
Leader in Oban
Peak District Heaven
Tongue Beach Scotland
Wedding 3
Wedding 4
Aston in the sun
Girl on a rock
Sunset in the Scillies
Wedding 5
Aston in Applecross
Girl on a light
Puppy face
Deans Prior
Wedding 6
hunting down the competition
Resting in peace
Summer fields
Wedding 7
Aston on the racecourse
Sneaky Deer
Road to Dartmoor Prison
Fern Tops
Scilly Isles at Sunset

Let's talk

Midlands based but available to travel.

Tel: +44 (0)7917 060 982




All photos are property of 'Dean Wilson Photography' & Dean Wilson. No unauthorised use without permission. 2018.

Tongue Beach Scotland